Day 11: Michael May

Today I bring you something a bit different than my usual fare of books and writers. Oh, make no mistake, Michael May qualifies as a writer, teaming with artist Jason Copeland to create the Kill All Monsters comics, as well as placing stories in several anthologies. But the meat of his self-titled website, Michael May, is the podcast, and we’re talking Popular Culture here without the PC.

Michael and his rotating partners produce podcasts like dandelions produce seeds. Their pace doesn’t impact the quality at all. They largely take on movies organized by sub-categories, for example, today’s category is Hell-Bent for Letterbox which covers westerns. Michael is joined by Paxton Holley of Nerd Lunch for a two-hour discussion of 1989’s Lonesome Dove. A week ago he and his son David took an hour to discuss the 1975 classic Jaws as part of his Casting Off series covering nautical and island subjects. In between, they look at Christmas movies, Mysteries, Horror, Tarzan movies, and several other categories. Between podcasts he blogs about TV, comics, and books, including one of my favorites, Beyond the Rails.

I frankly cannot recommend this site enough. I recommend books, movies, TV shows and the like, and maybe you don’t like the things I do, and you just find my tastes weird. But Michael’s blog posts and podcasts are more discussions than recommendations. They go heavily into depth, and they talk about virtually every aspect of the culture we’re surrounded by every waking moment. So if you have any interest in, you know, life, stop by and see what they have on offer. Bookmark it. Visit regularly. And schedule a few months to catch up with the back-issues, because this is a site you can really sink your teeth into!

Until tomorrow, then, happy listening!

~ Jack

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