Tuesday with Friends

So, I’ve been looking at what to do with this. Obviously, the Friday post is for me, about me and my projects, and is a bald-faced effort to promote my own work. But I haven’t spent almost a decade as a writer on social media without meeting some literary types who have their own stories to offer. You’ve already met a number of them during my two-week blitz, but now I’m going to start offering them up in groups on Tuesday. They aren’t all just about writing stories, either, as this first group will demonstrate. Behold:

Maxwell Grantly is a British chap I met a few years ago through The Steampunk Empire, a name that can still send me into a murderous rage. But past events aside, the people there were great, and Max is one of them. An educator of young children, Maxwell writes illustrated steampunk books for children, books that teach a subtle lesson without hammering them over the head with it, and aren’t those the ones that are the best retained? Max’s latest project is a cooperative effort with a friend of his from Luxembourg in which they plan to create an accurate computer model of the tiny nation as it was in 1867, then set a game there. It’s a long story, but Max’s blog carries it in two parts with some YouTube videos of how it’s coming along so far.

Cogpunk Steamscribe is the on-line handle of a refined lady of Queensland who also invests a good deal of her life in the creation of engaging stories, many of a steampunk persuasion. In today’s post she talks of her early days of “writing with her eyes,” which includes some pointers on bringing all of your senses into a scene, not just focusing on what it looks like; and may I say that the photo she included in the article is worth the visit by itself. She also blogs about her books, her friends, and various aspects of her life. A nice cozy nook to curl up with some excellent reading.

If popular culture is more your cup of tea, worry not, you won’t be left out of this recommendation roundup. If movies are your thing, then MovieBabble is your site! In multiple posts daily, their knowledgeable staff reviews and discusses the grand and subtle aspects of cinema, from the first flickering images to this week’s blockbusters. Yesterday, in a particularly stunning tour de force, they posted a discussion of The Movies that Defined Each Decade. If you’re a movie buff, or a casual fan, this is not to be missed!

Interested in more than just movies? Games, food, collectables, video devices, sci-fi and fantasy conventions . . . well, I could fill a couple of pages with categories, but I think I’ve made my point. The gang at Nerd Lunch, the first on-line presence that I followed and still do, has transitioned smoothly from a written blog to a podcast. In today’s installment, three Disney World superfans are invited to the show to discuss their favorite aspects, and what they’d like to see in the future. I can’t say enough about these guys. If you’re entertained by the world around you and like to know what others think as well, you really can’t go wrong here!

Finally, I’m going to close with one that is near and dear to my heart. In years past I followed a book blogger who went by the name of Arabella. She talked about a lot of things that interested me, especially steampunk, and she was a big supporter of the Beyond the Rails stories before I collected them for publication. One day I went to visit her site, and she was gone. I figured she was lost forever, but just last week she followed this blog through her new site, Gum trees and Galaxies. In the lifetime of good days that has followed my retirement, the day she showed up in my comment feed is certainly in the top five. Sharon talks about “travel, adventure, books, life, and stuff,” so I’m pretty sure there’s something there for every taste. Do yourself a favor and pay her a visit. Her site is teeming with rich content, and is waiting to entertain you. Don’t miss out!

And that’s plenty for one week. Join me Friday when I’ll be updating what’s going on with me, and maybe have a surprise or two. Next Tuesday I’ll try looking at some books by other authors, so I have a lot coming up in the next week or so. Don’t miss it if you can!

7 thoughts on “Tuesday with Friends

  1. Wow thanks Jack, my site tends to be a bit random these days, but thank you, look forward to seeing what you are up to and the new project, Nexus, sounds great.

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    1. Hey, lady, you want to have a random blog contest, go take a look at Jack’s Hideout! Random is good, keeps things interesting. I’m so glad to be back in touch with you, I don’t have words.

      The new project situation, for you and anyone else who may be just arriving here, is this: I am waiting for word on whether I will be offered a contract for a series by Kyanite Publishing. I submitted the first story, and without committing to anything, they asked me for the second. That has never happened to me before, and seems like a positive sign. If I get a contract, none of the work they publish can appear anywhere else, i.e., the only way you can read it is to buy it from them. They have allowed me to publish future stories, works in progress, on writing-dot-com for members only, where they are considered beta-readers, so that is one option to read for free. Another option is that if they decide not to publish them, they will all go up on a free-access site somewhere, but until they tell me that they’re out, I’m acting like they’re in, which means complying with all the publisher’s rules. Make any sense?

      Anyway, if you didn’t catch it in the first paragraph, let me make it clear in the last… Welcome home! Now, let’s get this party started!


  2. Alicia, you and Jack have a great idea about the notification system. I’ve often wondered about making a list of all the social media outlets that need to be archived or shut down if something should happen to me. My hubby knows where my password booklet is, but I’m pretty sure he’d have a tough time figuring out where to start, and what could be ignored.

    Oh, and Jack, the post was great, too! Ha! I didn’t want you to think I’m only here for the comments—but, much like on my own blog, I love when the commenters visit with each other.

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    1. That’s okay, Lynda, you can come socialize with my guests anytime! Seriously, the thing I enjoy the most here is when conversations develop, and every one doesn’t have to have me in the middle of it. And yes, Alicia’s idea about a notification system is excellent. I’ll probably put my daughter in charge of mine; she’s a computer whiz. Just needs to know who to contact.

      Oh, and, glad you liked the post!

      ;~) Jack

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  3. I have a couple of people I consider friends online – and know that I have no way to see if they’re okay when they disappear. Like you, I collect people – if I come to care, it is hard to lose them.

    I understand your joy – it is biblical.

    So many times we’ll never know – I need to set up some kind of list my kids/husband can email/post to when something happens to me. Closure is a gift.

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    1. A splendid idea, Alicia! Social Media has introduced a new kind of friendship where you can feel close to someone without ever being in the same space with them, and sometimes, inevitably, actually, they can disappear, leaving you feeling at loose ends, wondering if something has happened to them, if you’ve done something to be ditched for, or somewhere in between. It’s hard, as I know from experience, and I’ll be setting up my notification system shortly here in the form of a family member’s announcement on my FB and blog pages. It’s just good consideration for those people you call your friends.

      Thanks, my friend, and all the best,
      ~ Jack


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